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Armed with a refreshing trademark mix of being reassuringly pragmatic. A depth of knowledge and insight. And a no-nonsense approach to making a difference in construction and the built environment. Can I help you?

About David

David Cant - Chartered Safety Practitioner

But first, safety risk management is about people, not paperwork

Having been on both sides of the industry table, as a master craftsman and as a safety consultant. David uses his extensive knowledge and insight to help businesses cut through the red -tape (with a safety blade of course) and decode the jargon to enable them to get on with the things they do best.

Now, your business can achieve better risk management by making three small changes:

  • Focus more on your people and less on the paperwork
  • Spend more time understanding why employees do what they do
  • Be innovative with engaging and communicating with your employees.

Lets move onto David

As the founder of Veritas Consulting, David has been at the heart of a UK health and safety consultancy for over two decades, helping businesses pave the path to sustainable organisational culture and foster a better understanding around workplace safety – while fixing the potholes along the way.

David is a Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH) of IOSH (The world’s largest membership organisation for recognised safety professionals), which honours individuals who have made significant contributions to influence the practice of safety and risk management in wider society.

As well as recognised for being among the most sought after practitioners in the industry, he is a frequent columnist contributor to well-read industry journals, a mentor-coach and adviser to CEOs, senior management, and people on the frontline.

Standing out from the crowd

Over the years, David has made a name for himself as a trusted voice in safety and risk management. Across the industry, he has used social media, and networking, published numerous blog articles, built long-term professional partnerships, appeared on TV, and has been interviewed by reputable organisations to solidify his enviable reputation.

Professional Industry Memberships:

  • Chartered Fellow member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (CFIOSH)
  • Member of the International Institute of Risk Safety Management (MIIRSM)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR)
  • Member of Institute of Construction Management (MIConstM)
  • Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI)
  • Member of the Association of Coaching (MAC)
  • Member of The Institute of Leadership (MioL)

Let David help you.

By working with David, you can be assured that whatever you need, he will use everything he has learned over a long career in the industry to support, coach and act as a reliable resource and trusted business partner, rather than a man just walking around with a clipboard.


It is easier to describe what David does not do than list all the services he can dream up. He does not offer “off the shelf” safety risk management solutions. Instead, David works with businesses to identify what they need to overcome challenges and develop tailored solutions to improve organisational performance.

CDM Principal Designers

Strategy Workshops

Businesses optimising their safety and risk management strategies are the core ingredients for improving safety performance.

To make a positive difference, David can help with;

  • Behavioural Analysis.
  • Organisational Learning.
  • Performance Management.

And more!

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Coaching for safety leadership

Safety Coaching

Regular 1:1 coaching sessions for people and teams who want to raise their game.

Safety coaching can be on a retained basis or as and when required, either virtually or over the phone.

Most existing clients book regular 1-hour coaching sessions over a 6-month basis and see results immediately.

I want to know more

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learn at lunch office meeting

Learn at Lunch

Short informal training, CPD or development sessions over Zoom or in person while you eat and drink, designed to be relaxed, and collaborative and motivate people to learn more about workplace safety topics.

Very popular with clients on a monthly basis.

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Don’t take Davids word for it…..read what people have said!

“David developed strategies that work well in our workplace, somehow managing to be straightforward while also providing unexpected added value.”

Mark Barrow - Managing Director at the SEC Group

“Thank you very much for the training session the team thought it was very good, informative and has given us a few things to work on.

Following the positive session, I would like to replicate for other areas of the business including Rail, Structures & Infrastructure Design.”

Alex Jones - Head of Health and Safety at BWB Consulting

“David provided us with a review of our Health and Safety management systems and streamlined our processes and procedures for us to work with.

David’s personable nature made what could have been an onerous task a lot easier.” 

Jenny Smith - L&D Director at The Helm Property Group

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support over the past twelve months.

Despite the continual challenges that this pandemic has created, we have managed to continue to operate safely on our sites across the UK and complete projects on time and to high quality, a fact that has been acknowledged and applauded by our clients.

We are hugely proud of how our team has responded, and as you are very much part of our team, we wanted you to know how grateful we are for your contribution.

I look forward to continuing to succeed together”.

Iain Holden - CEO of The TSK Group

On the blog

All the practical insights and quality guidance you need to help improve safety risk management strategy and performance.

Workplace Safety and Behavioural Science


Mindful Moves: Improving Workplace Safety with the Science of Smart Choices

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Imagine this:

A workplace where safety isn’t just a set of rules but a way of thinking, a shared mindset that embraces the well-being of every team member. Now, enter the leader of this little adventure – behavioural science.

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How to approach a worker about a health and safety issue.

Hey there!

I want to share some tips on how to approach your fellow workers when it comes to health and safety issues. We’re all in this together, and it’s important that we look out for each other’s well-being.

So, let’s dive into it with a friendly and problem-solving attitude.

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A journey in safety management empowering positive change

Hello there, fellow safety professionals!

I want to share a journey of the old me and the new me, a personal transformation from the negative to the positive regarding safety management.

Safety is not just a set of rules and regulations; it’s a way of life we must embrace wholeheartedly.

So, let’s embark on this journey together, and I hope my experiences and insights can inspire and guide you toward becoming a more proactive safety professional.

Let’s dive in.

David Cant David Cant portrait

David Cant

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