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Safety Sounding Board

What is the safety sounding board?

  • A subscription service (¬£9.95 p/m) gets you UNLIMITED actionable advice.
  • A trusted resource to discuss your ideas and reassurance at your fingertips.
  • A dedicated place for you to learn techniques and approaches to solve problems.

Sounds great. What’s in it for me?

  • Get 20+ years of expertise only a phone call away.
  • Your opportunity to discuss a specific issue or challenge.
  • Your personal adviser for professional advice and support.
  • Able to talk through those burning questions or something puzzling you.

How this service has helped many people like you

  • Discovery of¬†alternative solutions that have not been considered.
  • Clients get clarity about safety, health, and risk management issues.
  • Solved challenging safety problems and helped improve workplace culture.
  • Achieved a better understanding of human factors and what makes workers tick.

Are you interested in having expertise on tap?

Okay, to see if the safety sounding board is right for you, to discuss the service in more detail and how to get you set up, schedule your FREE 15 min call today;

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David Cant

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Designed for people interested in safety strategy, risk management, leadership, workplace culture and organisational development.

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Safety Coaching - David Cant


Safety coaching done the right way

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David Cant

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